frohe ostern/happy easter/god påske/¡felices pascuas! …..

happy easter

I take a little easter break….which started already the day before yesterday…sorry for the irregularities lately, but I moved and everything was a bit stressful… but I promise that my blog will get its old form back….especially next year, when this monthly theme challenge is over 😉

this is what awaits you and me in the next couple of months:

april – gefühle/emotions/feelings
may – straßenszenen/scenes on the street
june – spiegel/reflektion/mirrors/reflections
july – spiel/game/play
august – körper/body
september – monochrom/e
october – bewegung/motion
november – tradition
december – wetter/weather

the plan is to post every day a picture which suitable for the current monthly topic.
it won’t be easy. and some times a bit boring. but I hope we’ll get through.
but first a few days for recreation.
see you next week!
cheers, mareike


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